MISRULE: Annihilating One-Man DeathGrind Abomination Unleashes Bludegeoning Debut Demo - Track Premiered at Metal Injection.


Unrelenting and completely out of control, Forced to Suffer is the ghastly debut demo tape by Portland, OR one man extreme death/grind aberration MISRULE. Drawing life from the most abhorrent and scary strains of grindcore and extreme metal (as seen for example in other similarly sanity-defying acts like Vermin Womb, Knelt Rote, Plague Widow, Infernal Coil etc.), MISRULE is an unrestrained and completely uncontrolled exercise in total aural terror. Within its framework of devastating extreme metal and tumefying aggression lies a critical mass of collapsing emotions and unravelling psychological horror that have yielded a mere eight minutes of absolutely unfathomable sonic terror, funneled by sole mastermind S. Mahoney into a coercitive and utterly pulverizing amalgamation of ferocious grindcore obliteration and merciless blackened death metal chaos that defies any categorization.

To get the first glimpse into the utter nightmare that is MISRULE head over to Metal Injection and read the feature + stream Lead to the Grave - the first bludgeoning track extrapolated from the demo. You can find their feature HERE.

S. Mahoney is the sole mastermind behind MISRULE, for which he writes, records, and masters everything on his own and also curates the project's artwork and visual aspect. Having taken the project's moniker from a Nightbringer song, with the creation of MISRULE Mahoney has set out on a lonely voyage toward total self-disintegration, birthing an extreme metal aberration whose sole purpose is that of exploring the many possibilities and unknown ramifications of total and unadulterated aural terror. With speeds and intensity that approach imploding point, atmospheres and moods which are those of actual hell, and a heaviness so crushing it seems coming from some remote realm of the absurd, MISRULE is nothing short than a terrifying experiment - a test in the survival of the psyche and in the resistance of the flesh against the most liminal odds of sonic obliteration. The sheer insanity and brutality of the music are however far from being the only scope and reach of the project. With MISRULE Mahoney has in fact created a vessel for him to explore and expunge a wide array of personal torments, and use the project as a cathartic weapon to give voice to some of the most blighted and afflicting inner torments, funneling unbearable sentiments of hatred, pain, disillusionment, abandon and resignation into a hideous musical experiment. The end result is complete armageddon - a sonic abomination that while punishing the senses with unseen sonic spite, comes also laced with a barrage of emotional and psychological horror which makes MISRULE truly a multidimensional sonic horror like none other.

To be officially released on March 2 2018, you can now preorder Forced to Suffer demo tapes + digital products on our store and Bandcamp.