CHAOS ECHŒS: Sentient Ruin Releases Massive "The Occursus Series" Cassette Box Set.

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We are proud to present you our first cassette box set ever, for the french experimental death metal band Chaos Echoes, in cooperation with Spanish label Bile Noire - crafted and brought to you keeping in mind solely the highest degrees possible of visual, auditive, and tactile presentation. Chaos Echoes play a unique style of ritualistic Death metal with a high dose of well-used improvisation and experimentation mixed with ambiance sections that get you immersed into a twisted and oppressive atmosphere. The Occursus Series is a collection of three releases that includes the first band's rehearsal recorded in 2012, their second EP Duo Experience /Spectral Affinities originally self-released in 2013, and a live recording from 2013 at La Boule Noire (Paris).

The insane box set comes housed in a beautifully crafted black matte box with embossed gloss varnish Chaos Echoes Emblem. Each tape comes with silver imprint and housed in a beautiful charcoal black cardstock j-card printed with offset silver metallic ink. Included in the box is a 12 page charcoal black cardstock photo booklet also printed with offset silver metallic inks. A download card for each album is contained within. An online shop exclusive (no distro or retail) only 100 of these boxes were made, 50 for sale in the US through Sentient Ruin, and 50 in the EU from Bile Noire.

From NUCLEAR WAR NOW! PRDS.: "Deriving their name from the last album by their predecessors, Bloody Sign, Chaos Echoes established themselves as France’s masters of Avant Garde Death after quietly releasing a series of EPs featuring the band’s characteristically unorthodox material. Combining magnificent complexity, an exceptionally high degree of musicianship, and a distinct sense of experimentalism, Chaos Echoes is among the most captivating bands in the underground – a band truly incapable of simple categorization."  

France's Chaos Echoes are truly one of the most unique, forward-thinking, mind-bending, and genre defying metal bands to emerge in the underground in recent times. Their ritualistic death-doom finds such a high degree of expression nowhere else, while their keen sense of experimentalism and free-form approach to extreme metal have always yielded time after a time an utterly magnificent, mesmerizing, and extremely profound body of work. Within their framework of jazzy, lysergic, and almost unpredictable death metal one can always distill the purest essence of improvisation, as it is meant to be only in the most ambitious and purest forms of unshackled artistry. With no boundaries or rules limiting them, Chaos Echoes have always reached beyond and tapped into the unknown, bringing together time after time some of the most extraordinary and unsettling forms of musical synthesis ever achieved by extreme metal. With songs blending death-doom, prog, kraut, free-jazz, drone, and immaterial tribal ritualism, and demos and EPs released as live improvised recordings, albums on such respected strongholds of extreme metal authority such as Nuclear War Now! always showing a fathomless ambition and experimentalism, and artwork always lying on the border between the absurd and the grandiose, Chaos Echoes have been consistently since 2011 one of the greatest bands in experimental underground metal.

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