BLACK EARTH: Sophomore MLP from Spanish Black Noise Sorcerers Sees Tape Re-release and First Ever Vinyl Release.

It is with immense pride and excitement that we bring you the first ever vinyl release for Diagrams of a Hidden Order - Black Earth's sophomore MLP. Originally released in 2016 by In Solace Publishing on tape and by Malignant Records on CD, Sentient Ruin and Bile Noire (EU vinyl) now proudly bring you the first vinyl release and deluxe tape re-release of this smoldering masterpiece of disembodied incantations and wretched atmospherics.

Consisting of multi-instrumentalists Alejandro Durán, Alejandro Tedín, Miguel A. García, Black Earth are a trio from Spain devoted to uncovering some of the most abominable and liminal sounds that lurk within the darkest corners of our imagination. Their sonic constructs of scathing black ambience are like soundtrack music dipped in the unholy murk of the Styx and then strung across a starless vault of infinite black. Begotten within a broken realm of crawling chaos Black Earth's highly ritualistic and demonic compositions blend together the most scorching and unsettling strains of electronic music and metal to evoke visions and sentiments of unfathomable vastness and wretchedness, in which the mind is first trapped and then destroyed.

Diagrams of a Hidden Order masterfully brings together black metal, industrial, scorching noise scarifications, and dark ambient to summon a haunting and grotesque sonic chasm of sublime and mind-expanding aural cacophony. Similarly to the aesthetic of other abstract sound sculptors of the most liturgic, evil, and wretched craft like Wold, Gnaw Their Tongues, Emanation, and Sutekh Hexen, Black Earth weave and coerce together otherworldly atmospherics, dismal atmospheres, and ear-splitting electronics to paint a daunting sonic arabesque of utter horror and dismay.

What we bring you is a single sided 12"LP in two different vinyl colors: clear w/ black haze (standard), or black vinyl (limited quantity). The cassette version is an incredibly limited product in every possible way. Comes housed in a fold-over charcoal black matte cardostock case letterpressed/embossed with metallic silver ink graphics. Containing it is a sealed metallic anti-static bag that gives a semi-lucid/transparent effect. An extra download card is inside. Only 40 available - a SR online shop exclusive. These cassettes are the remaining stock of the initial pressing released by In Solace Publishing. SR has purchased and re-pakacked all the remaining stock of tapes to coincide with the vinyl release.

Diagrams of a Hidden Order  vinyl and tapes are available for purchase on our store and Bandcamp and shipping worldwide immediately.