CULT OF EXTINCTION: German One-Man Black/Death Aberration Reveals Debut Demo/EP - Track Premiered at Metal Injection.

Nuclear-born and flesh-tearing war metal decimation from Germany. Cult of Extinction's debut demo tape/7" is a bludgeoning sonic weapon that has taken the mindless and lawless black/death/grind savagery fusion of war metal and dragged into a hellish trudge of crushing downtuned hostility. Throughout these absurd and castigating thirteen minutes of lawless sonic terror, the listener will be fighting for their life to try and dodge the senseless barrage of chaos and destruction summoned by Cult of Extinction to completely annihilate and eradicate their existence.

Get a glimpse into the sonic armageddon of Cult of Extinction courtesy of Metal Injection who are now streaming the the first track from the EP. You can listen to the Gazing Upon the Eternal Throne of Death and read their feature HERE.

Vinyl 7"s and cassette tapes for Black Nuclear Magick Attack officially release on March 30 2018 and you can now pre-order both along with digital products on our store and Bandcamp.

Elusive and recluse german multi instrumentalist Void is the sole entity behind the unholy war metal abomination Cult of Extinction. With songs written in complete seclusion, home-recorded and completely DIY Cult of Extinction is an aberrant breeding ground for the most horrid sonic destruction. Within its bluedgeonig, chaotic, and lawless songs one can hear the godless wrath of bands like Revenge, Temple Nightside, Nuclearholocaust, and Blasphemy being taken to a whole new extreme as speeds approach imploding points and the crushing low end of insanely downtuned guitars and bass develops into a bellowing and howling vacuum of utter destruction, conceived with the sole aim of achieving total aural decimation, by any means necessary.