ASSUMPTION: Italian Death-Doom Sorcerers Unveil Absolutely Colossal Debut Album - Track Premiered at No Clean Singing.


We are extremely honored and proud to present you with the release of Abscondidus, by Italian death-doom behemoths Assumption.

Assumption return with their otherworldly debut LP - once again dragging the listener to a warped and hallucinatory twilight zone lost at the edge of the cosmos. Within the crushing vastness of these three colossal songs the listener will feel the weight of omnipotent emptiness pushing them down toward the singularity where they are slowly pulled apart by invisible tidal forces before they decay into nothingness.

The first taste of total cosmic death has been unveiled by No Clean Singing, who have premiered album opener Liberation, calling the track "haunting, hallucinatory, and horrific" - check out the feature and listen HERE.

Assumption are an enigmatic Italian extreme metal duo devoted to the meticulous unravelling of grandiose and slow-moving dirges of colossal death-doom. The band was formed around 2011 by two fixture figures in Italian extreme metal hailing from such bands as Haemophagus, Gravesite, Stasis, Undead Creep, Morbo etc. Upon conception the duo set out to write desolating and majestic death/doom metal entwined with mind-expanding psychedelic passages that would place the listener at the center of a vacuous and hallucinatory realm of collapsing existence and omnipotent emptiness, conjuring the same surreal and otherworldly atmospheres and moods as seen in legendary progenitors of the genre like diSEMBOWELMENT, early Esoteric or Thergothon. After their suffocating debut demo tape/CD Mosaic of the Distant Dominion saw the light in 2012, Assumption followed up two years later unleashing in 2014 an undisputed masterpiece in the genre, the monstrously colossal and bludgeoning The Three Appearances CD (released on Terror from Hell Records) now hailed by many as one of the best examples of extreme death/doom of the last years. Plans for a vinyl release of the devastating MLP never materialized but the band carried forth in their sonic exploration of outer realms of existence reconvening soon after to write and record their most majestic and soul-disintegrating opus to date - the colossal three-track LP Absconditus

With incredible art by Lauri Laaksonen of Desolate Shrine fame Absconditus will see the light on April 20 2018 through Sentient Ruin in the US (cassette), and Everlasting Spew Records in the EU (CD). The vinyl release is scheduled from both labels for a late summer release, while cassettes can be pre-ordered now on our store or Bandcamp.