ALTARAGE: Sentient Ruin To Issue Monstrous Third LP "The Approaching Roar" on Cassette Tape Format.

We’re honored and proud to work with our friends Altarage again. After having issued their debut demo and first LP NIHL on cassette in collaboration with Sol Y Nieve and having since witnessed the band’s unstoppable and vertical climb to world domination, we could not be happier be a part of their music again, and aid them once again in their unstoppable quest for absolute aural tyranny.

Since 2015 the Spanish Death Metal monsters have been making eyes roll and have instigated consistent and widespread awe and acclaim as their monstrous formula of malformed, grandiose, chaotic, and appallingly crushing music has opened new realms of absurdity and implausibility in extreme metal. Through three albums in three years of methodical, maniacal, and unyielding destruction, Altarage have slowly, but surely refined their formula to a point in which it is now a free form aesthetic of death metal, and a world entirely their own, accessible by and to no one else but themselves.

Their new album, The Approaching Roar - which we’re honored to issue as a limited edition tape - stands higher than any point in their career, dominating over and undergrund which for the most part is incapable and or unworthy of holding match up to their gargantuan artistry. As words truly defy the album and struggle to piece together its otherworldly enormity, we’ll leave it to that, and just reiterate that it already ridiculizes most death metal albums you will hear this year, and beyond.

The Approaching Roar tapes feature alternate artwork from the CD/LP, and come housed in the classic Sentient Ruin black custom slipcase silkscreened with metallic inks, and will be officially released on the album’s officially release date through Season of Mist: January 25 2015 - and now be pre-ordered on our Store and Bandcamp. All hail Altarage!