VESSEL OF INIQUITY: UK Black/Death/Noise Monstrosity Announces Devastating Sophomore Offering - Track Premiered at Invisible Oranges.

UK one-man aural annihilation entity Vessel of Iniquity has completed work its sophomore LP for Sentient Ruin, set to be released on January 25 2019. The album will come as a limited edition 45RPM black or sea blue vinyl LP with custom artwork, and as a limited edition cassette tape. Both formats will also be available in the EU through Italian underground label Xenoglossy Productions.

Once again crafted and home-recorded in total seclusion, within these five new jagged wounds of deconstructed and malformed sonic terror, sole mastermind A. White has taken his horrific strain of noise-infested black/death decimation to new and absolutely implausible heights of aural insanity. Void of Infinite Horror is a claustrophobic, abominable, twisted, and horrific mosaic of modern and visionary extreme metal which has once again managed to violently coerce together the grandiose and bludgeoning sonic warfare of black/death bands like Teitanblood and Impetuous Ritual, and the massacring industrial noise scarifications of entities like Gnaw Their Tongues, Sutekh Hexen, and Abruptum.

Void of Infinite Horror

1. Invocation of the Heart Girt With a Serpent
2. Babalon
3. Void of Infinite Sorrow
4. Mother of Abomination
5. Once More Into the Abyss

With a cascading hail of twisted and deformed riffs funneled into a firestorm of blasting drum machines Void of Infinite Horror is hallucinatory maelstrom of hellish and apocalyptic atmospheres that will stand as one of the most absurd and utterly horrific releases to see the light year - its hopeless misery near indescribable, its violence and malevolence awe inducing in their monstrous enormity.

Invisible Oranges have exclusively just premiered the track Mother of Abomination from this upcoming offering of total sonic warfare, claiming that the track is “a five-minute bruiser steeped in swaths of grinding, churning noise“ - (you can read their feature and listen to track HERE). All formats now pre-ordeable through our store and Bandcamp and officially releasing on January 25 2019 through Sentient Ruin (US) and Xenoglossy Productions(EU).