DECOHERENCE: Haunting Debut 7" by UK Black Metal Destroyers to See the Light April 5 2019.

Sentient Ruin is honored and proud to partake in the first breath upon this world by debuting UK-based black metal enigma Decoherence. In strict adherence to black metal’s most hermetic and orthodox ways, Decoherence have stripped them selves of any human element to allow the music to solely speak for itself and come from a place of utter inhumanity devoid of any warmth or familiarity. As such biographies, social media, websites, identities, names and the such have been completely ignored in favor of the audio visual elements of the release which remain the sole focal point of the band’s craft and the only thing which the band has deemed meaningful in its hideous and isolationist attempt at communicating its wretched message. What has been disclosed to Sentient Ruin is that all music and recording is by Stroda in the UK, while vocals are by Tahazu, based in the US. 

Musically Decoherence remain firm in their homage to black metal’s proudest and most traditional roots, following in the footsteps of the forefathers of Scandinavian black metal like Marduk, Watain, Mayhem etc, while also vastly exploring uncharted and alien worlds of inhuman origin and mystique through the sapient weaving of grandiose and disorientating structures of pure sonic black matter, akin to those previously explored by bands like Darkspace, Funeral Mist, Aosoth, Leviathan, Skaphé, and Wormlust.

The result are two massive and chaotic movements of distilled and purified darkness incarnated among terrain existence to remind humanity of the darkness and unknown forces that permeate existence and constantly threaten all life, serving the will of entropy, chaos, destruction, evil, and inescapability.

As an initial offering to taste what is tome come, the band have made the first untitled track form the release available for listening over at Invisible Oranges

Symbolizing the blood of humanity being spilled every second in honor of futility and nothing, Decoherence’s debut self-tiled debut EP comes a limited run of 200 clear red vinyl 7”s housed in a custom made fold-over cover of blood red heavy stock silkscreened with black ink, and with abstract horror visual creations lent for the purpose by dark surrealism luminary Stephen Wilson.

Decoherence s/t 7”s can now be pre-ordered from Bandcamp and our store and are scheduled for an April 5 2019 official ship/release date.