HOLD ME DOWN: Sentient Ruin To Unleash Virginia's Nihilist Industrial Act's Debut EP on Limited Edition Cassette.

Sentient Ruin is proud to bring you a straight-to digital/tape "flash release" of the debut EP by Virginia based post-industrial act Hold Me Down, a new band featuring one member of virginian industrial black metal and Sentient Ruin stalwart act AMERICAN. Digitally self-released by the band in January 2019, and now seeing its first proper pressing in physical format, the self-titled EP will come as a limited run of 100 tapes intended to be sold as an online Sentient Ruin exclusive only, and shipping on April 5 2019. These tapes will be available on our store and or at Bandcamp exclusively and nowhere else.

Worshipping directly at the dystopian altar of bands like Skinny Puppy, early Ministry, and Godlfesh, Virginia's Hold Me Down debut with an EP of mezmerising industrial metal chaos and post-modern sonic deconstructionism set to annihilate the mind and torment the flesh with no solution of continuity. Within these seven cold and baneful cuts of mechanical aural pandemonium the listener will be drawn into a lifeless and colorless world of ruin and destruction where machines and deviant technology have replaced flesh and sanity and reduced man to a pale and fading memory, annihilated by its own delusions and exterminated by its own creations and mind. Subtle touches of harsh noise, power electronics, and black metal amalgamated in the mix round out a debut of absolutely mind-defiling cruelty.