6TH CIRCLE: American Dark Electro-industrial/EBM Artist to Release Debut Album "The Third Estate" on October 4 2019 - Track and Video Premiered at ReGen Magazine and Side-Line Magazine.


We’re honored and excited to partake in the release of Ohio-based dark electro-industrial/EBM artist 6TH CIRCLE’s debut LP The Third Estate, to be released on cassette tape, LP, and digital on October 4 2019 through Sentient Ruin worldwide.

Steeped in themes of anti-religion, evil, magic, and social downfall, on debut LP The Third Estate Columbus OH-based satanist/anarchist electro-industrial chaos monger 6th Circle synthesizes a pitch black maelstrom of driving beats, harsh samples, and apocalyptic atmospheres to materialize the quintessential post-industrial pandemonium. An electro-industrial/EBM statement of the highest order, The Third Estate sees sole mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Matt Auxier revitalize and re-imagine the genre by bridging its historic legacy built by forebears like Front 242, Front Line Assembly and Skinny Puppy, with a broad new spectrum of futuristic sonic transfigurations.

The Third Estate represents both a natural continuation and a marked evolution of Auxier's two iconic previous EP tape releases (the 2018 now impossible to find Pacified tape EP released by US raw black metal tape forge Knife Vision, and the Conjuring tape EP released in early 2019 by harsh noise death dealers Phage Tapes), further expanding and enhancing the project's shapeshifting palette of dark disorienting soundscapes and sinisterly catchy grooves, and elevating 6th Circle to a previously unseen threshold of excellence.The work especially stands out for its retro-feeling timelessness juxtaposed to its imaginative and transformative take on the style, which has pushed the genre's boundaries forward and expanded its horizons by incorporating elements of occult darkness, anarchism, satanism, and of the darker and most fringe and uncompromising sides of goth and punk.

ReGen Magazine has premiered the song Swallow, calling the track “a distinct style of bleak, occultish, and anarchist post-industrial atmosphere” - you can read their feature HERE.

Shortly after, iconic Industrial magazine Side-Line premiered the music video for the song Taking Us Down (created for Auxier by Team Necro) saying that “6th Circle’s sound harkens back to 90’s era of Front Line Assembly and Skinny Puppy but also has the modern touch similar to artists like HIDE or Statiqbloom” - you can read their feature HERE.

Fans of the aforementioned pillars of the genre like Front 242, Front Line Assembly and Skinny Puppy, as well of contemporary acts like Statiqbloom, Youth Code, Dead When I Found Her, HIDE, Leaether Strip, and Qual have just found a new entity which will reinvigorate their passion and commitment to the genre.