BLACK EARTH: Spanish Ritualistic Black Industrial Mystifiers to Issue Second Full-Length LP - Tracks Premiered at Last Rites and Brutal Resonance.

Sentient Ruin and Black Earth renew their unholy alliance and prepare the release of the Spanish band’s brand new LP Gnarled Ritual of Self Annihilation, this time also in collaboration with German post-industrial forge Cyclic Law handling the CD and European LP version.

The ritualistic horror-industrial sorcerers return with a sophomore full-length LP and third release overall of unreal cinematic sonic disembodiment, conceived with the aim of turning the listener into a sacrificial centerpiece to a surreal ritual nightmare. Following in the steps of their debut LP A Cryptic Howl of Morbid Truth and of their followup mini-album Diagrams of a Hidden Order, on Gnarled Ritual of Self Annihilation

Black Earth further refine and sharpen their horrific sonic blade, slicing through shadows and darkness with more skill and mastery than ever before to reveal a dimension beyond of incomprehensible ritual abandon. As Black Earth first weave and then slice and dissect their impenetrable veil, a sonic ritual of abject disfigurement begins to take shape before the listener, as the strokes and gashes of black metal, industrial, noise and ritual drone intersect erratically and hypnotically, painting an hallucinatory arabesque of absolute dread and deformity. As the album's wicked spires envelops them like a fog of snakes, the listener finds themselves immersed into an hallucinating aural delirium of complete disembodiment and self-implosion, in which they feel simultaneously out of body and helplessly trapped and crushed within themselves at the same time.

The album has been widely anticipated in the dark industrial underground, with Swedish dark electronic blog Brutal Resonance premiering the track Lurking Hounds Stagger in the Deep and calling itas ominous as it is dreary - a perfect introduction to Black Earth's destructive music." - you can read their feature HERE.

Likewise, American blog Last Rites, has also premiered the song Abject Rituals Beyond the Threshold claiming that Black Earth’s music “is not just abject noise but a consecrated act caught on record, building tension with auditory ceremonial aesthetic" read their feature HERE.

Gnarled Ritual of Self Annihilation officially sees the light on September 26 2019 through Sentient Ruin in North America and Cyclic Law in the Eastern Hemisphere and now be pre-ordered on he labels’ stores and Bandcamps.