BLACK FUCKING CANCER / GLOAM: West Coast Black Metal Legions Set to Unleash Unholy Destruction on 12" Collaborative Split - Audio Preview Released.

Sentient Ruin is honored and proud to unleash one of black USBM’s most imposing and distinctive collaborative works of the year, as we prepare the September 13 release of Black Fucking Cancer’s and Gloam’s long awaited split 12” Boundless Arcane Invokations, a work as visionary and grandiose as it has been unfortunate and plagued by adverse fate, having lingered in development hell and in a status of unreleased turmoil for quite some time now. In the wake of a strong personal friendship bonding the two bands an the label for many years now, upon hearing the unfortunate fate of the project, Sentient Ruin offered its services to the bands and has now been tasked to step in to fix things and tow the release out of the swamp it’s been trapped in for literally years, and we’re now ready to consign Boundless Arcane Invokations to USBM history where it belongs in its full and untouched glory!

Two of America's most defiant and uncompromising extreme metal acts - San Jose’s Black Fucking Cancer’s and Santa Cruz’s Gloam - come together for a 12" split of unyielding black metal hell and boundless aural misery. Working closely together on every aspect of the project, both bands entered Jason Bursese's home studio to record their respective compositions together in order to obtain the most synergic and consistent sound possible, with each band’s respective side acting as a perfectly matching counterpart to the craft of the other. Their two respective songs were built in the studio together and bear the same title, concept, and recording quality as a supreme and encompassing sign of unity and totality, and the two tracks are conjoined at both ends by gapless atmospheric segues in a way which creates a looped spell of infinite destruction, with no beginning nor end, no conventional track sequence, and no defined sides. What comes to the listener is simply a double-headed beast created by the two bands to assault the listener frontally and take them piece by piece and limb by limb. It is only a matter of which of the two bands will be the the one to get to the listener's throat first and which one will instead deliver the deathblow to finish them off...

On the ungodly split both bands unleash an cataclysm of ruinous black metal pestilence, with each band using up an entire side of a 12" LP with their respective massive, single self-titled songs. Clocking in at a staggering twenty-two minutes, on their side of competence Black Fucking Cancer put on full display their unmistakable plague-wielding strain of malefic and violent black metal that worships exclusively at the unholy altar of complete evil and draws life from the most wretched strains of Scandinavian and French black metal: 1349, Gorgortoh, Aosoth, Antaeus, S.V.E.S.T., Watain. On the other side lurks Santa Cruz CA's Gloam’s massive dirge into complete darkness-devouring aural fury, as they spew forth a monstrous chasm of shapeshifting atmospheric black metal darkness that consumes the listener across a harrowing eighteen-minute ghastly descent into complete hell-ridden bedlam.

The Boundless Arcane Invokations 12” split comes in a custom made and cut black cover + insert screen printed with metallic gold ink, and is pressed in only 200 units of black vinyl available from Sentient Ruin exclusively. The split drops on September 13 2019 and preview track with samples from both band’s sides has been already made available via YouTube and Bandcamp, while vinyl and digital pre-orders are now also active on our Bandcamp and store.